Odds Matcher The No Lose Way To Sports Bet

Click Here To Find Out More About: Sports Betting If you have placed an online sports bet before you will probably know that most bookmakers offer new customers a free bet. This will typically vary between 20 and 100 (or an equivalent in your currency) depending upon which bookie you are looking at. There are so many bookmakers on the […]

American politician, John Kerry, apologizes for Iraq war remark

Thursday, November 2, 2006 John Kerry, former Presidential candidate, U.S. senator from Massachusetts, and decorated war veteran, apologized yesterday for a statement made on Monday at an appearance at Pasadena City College that American students who did not study hard and stay in school would end up “stuck in Iraq.” “You know education,” he said, “if you make the most […]

Will Your Book Sell?

Click Here To Find Out More About: Energy Efficiency Consultants Brisbane Will Your Book Sell? by Patrika Vaughn The Kindly, Caring Literary Agent is probably extinct. Today s agents are more likely to treat you like a paychecks than like the sensitive creative person you are. You won t get your hand held when you re blue. You won t […]

Teen broadcasts suicide online

Sunday, November 23, 2008 A Pembroke Pines, Florida teenager killed himself Wednesday, November 19, while broadcasting on the live video site Justin.tv. After making suicide threats and being encouraged by Justin.tv viewers and Bodybuilding.com forum members, Abraham K. Biggs, 19, committed suicide by taking an overdose of opiates and benzodiazepine, which had been prescribed for his bipolar disorder. Biggs first […]

UK energy companies announce that prices for bills could increase

Saturday, September 19, 2009 Six energy companies in the United Kingdom have announced that it is likely that the prices for energy bills could increase over the course of 2010. The companies, which are nicknamed the “big six” in the United Kingdom, did not pass on information that there would be price cuts in energy bills despite increasing profits. However, […]

Blair launches third and final manifesto

Wednesday, April 13, 2005 Tony Blair today launched the Labour Party’s 112 page manifesto for a third term, entitled “Britain: Forward not back”, at London’s Mermaid Theatre this afternoon, promising not to increase income tax or VAT. Blair, with Chancellor Gordon Brown, described the manifesto, which focused on economic policy, as “radical”, “quintessentially New Labour” and giving people the “chance […]

Cooking Tips For Your On The Go Lifestyle

Click Here To Find Out More About: Buy Pressure Cooker Cooking Tips For Your On The Go Lifestyle by Liann Ross Add the seasonings a little at a time throughout the cooking process. As such, you are getting the best flavor, and not wasting any of the seasoning. Use a cooling rack that is stackable. When baking a large batch […]

CanadaVOTES: NDP candidate Max Lombardi running in Cambridge

Friday, September 26, 2008 On October 14, 2008, Canadians will be heading to the polls for the federal election. New Democratic Party candidate Max Lombardi is standing for election in the riding of Cambridge. Lombardi is an information technology specialist who has lived in Cambridge for 25 years. Held since 2004 by Conservative Gary Goodyear, the riding of Cambridge includes […]

Cleveland, Ohio clinic performs US’s first face transplant

Thursday, December 18, 2008 A team of eight transplant surgeons in Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA, led by reconstructive surgeon Dr. Maria Siemionow, age 58, have successfully performed the first almost total face transplant in the US, and the fourth globally, on a woman so horribly disfigured due to trauma, that cost her an eye. Two weeks ago Dr. Siemionow, […]